Maison Dovalle offers two apartments, a three-bedroom on the second floor with direct access to the terrace and gardens, and a two-bedroom on the third floor with its cathedral ceiling and original walk-in fireplace.


The 15th century stone spiral staircase leads you to an exquisitely furnished apartment with its three comfortable bedrooms and personal three and a half bathrooms, a plush living room with its original fireplace, its exceptional and unforgettable view of the lush and sweeping valley and Thouet River. Step outside onto the welcoming terrace and descend the stone steps to the elegant French garden and romantic koi pond.


The Rose Room with its queen bed, full private bathroom, and expansive closets with full-size mirrors.

The Blue Room with its queen bed, private full bathroom.


The Yellow Room with its king bed that can be converted into 2 twin beds, and private shower. The toilet is in the hallway, a few feet away.

The Renaissance Suite

Renaissance splendor adorns this extraordinary suite with its stone floors, walk-in fireplace, and high vaulted ceiling with curved rafters and beams built using inverted ship hull techniques commonly used during the Renaissance. The large living area includes a library, a private modern kitchen with laundry facilities, and a private full bathroom. In the tower and adjacent to the mezzanine is the charming and famous Poet's Room where Charles Dovalle wrote his poetry. The Poet's room has a single bed, a fireplace, and a view of the valley, castle, and Thouet river.